Update: PacBell +Texans +AT&T -Rights = Greedmill

[UPDATE] FCC: -Justice Dept. didn’t have a problem with some good ol’ Texas boys swallowing more/creating a monopoly. AT&T – BellSouth deal –But Advocates for consumer rights are furious. Two FCC Commissioners also have lotsa problems with it and listened. –They refused to approve merger –so thanks to them, FCC vote: put off.
Now: You have ten days to submit comment on the merger. Monopoly
IF one company owns telphone service in US –decides to raise rates, add restrictions, charge for individual pieces –and gets away with it via “donations” to campaigns –WHAT do you imagine you will do to stop them? Want Internet tiers –fast service pays more? We HAVE leverage NOW –if you send your comments –ten days. [FCC link below]

If you have lived in Southern California a long time, or native, you grew up with what was probably the finest corporation in the US, fondly known as: PacBell.

The service –Actual Real service–so good so unusual, smart, thorough, thoughtful, almost not believable, recalling a thing ‘not here any more.’ Once, as a small child, on tip-toes to reach way up to the black(lol) phone in the nook to tell the operator I needed to: talk to my daddy. She asked his name. I was able to tell her, but not where he was. Un-Freaking Believable: she found him. –Did it matter, that he was a resident (–or intern?) working/buried deep in largest hospital in the city…I didn’t think so…. Sixteenth birthday: a stream-line aqua phone, with light, and my own number, while all my grandparents had still-working pre-1940s heavy black phones, cloth-wrapped cord….

Until relatively recently, if you asked for a phone number and there was some doubt: operator would give you the top three most-likely numbers –AND address, if wanted it, NO rudeness, no recording, NO extra charge…. I was taught telephone manners, talking to PacBell operators….

It is to weep, what has happened to PacBell. Texans, Oval Office Occupant pals, bought it, moved in, called it “SBC” (“some bastards’ corp”???), morphed it into crap. Ordered EACH single word employees allowed to say. EACH minute service –nickel & dimed. –Now they’ll tell you if a call is: “toll charge” or “local” –but want to know the city –now that’s Ka-ching: extra charge. Texans big on politics and Ka-ching, not big on service.

–Oh, you have a balance –but under $50.? Too bad, service shut off –$19. bucks to turn it back on. –Oh you imagine The Molester in governor’s office will help –do the right thing? Dream On: he packed PUC, authority over utilities and advocate for consumer rights, with Duh right-wingers. They be approving: Every thing Texas carpet-baggers want.

Texans wanted to ‘chain-saw’ “Time” –charge for every call, PUC placidly approved. It’s a Frigg’n recording –how does that require “labor” –justify $.75 a call? Who calls “Time” –heaviest users? Senior adults, grandparents, with poor vision. They yelled, PUC backed down.

Rumor: Texans paid the Oval Office occupant $90. million bucks to get intro to Royal House of Saud –to wire up all of Saudi Arabia. Lordy, I loathe those people….

Their latest dive into Greed Pool: Texans want to become your friendly local MONOPOLY –acquire BellSouth. ‘Scuuuse me, didn’t Judge Green, uhm, demand break-up of AT&T phone company in 1984 –because it was a Monopoly???
Texans got: slew of stockholders, Justice Dept. toadies, some Congress members, lawyers and others to help them. Texans don’t give a damn about You

But: Goo Ol’ boys, they Haven’t quite made it over the hump. They got Oval Office occupant AND the Justice Department wimps to give them bright rubber stamp on the deal –no questions, no changes, no doubts –it’s almost like, well, if the Texas telephone guys were oil boys…. But: they Ain’t got FCC approval –Yet.

Want to Stop SBC from swallowing M-O-R-E –stop them from creating a power-machine that can –WILL decide what you, everyone, can/cannot do –have access to –WILL give up your privacy to any body who wants to know? –Hell, they already turned over thousands of phone records to agencies –WITHOUT court order or approval, according to press reports. “Warrant”? “What’s that?” Suits have been filed on them.

Didn’t want your phone/e-mail records given up? Vote November 7 –change who represents you in Congress. –But: DON’T vote on electronic “vote” machine –your vote WON’T count. (And if it is counted: the software in worthless “vote” machines easy oh so easy to change.)

FCC was supposed to vote Thursday: to approve SBC-AT&T take-over. Vote: 2 For, 2 Against. Fifth FCC commissioner had to recuse himself. So: they will vote again Friday morning, Oct. 13. If you don’t want the monopoly merger to happen: send FCC an e-mail.

It’s hard enough to live, in Southern California, do you need to wonder, worry constantly, if your own phone will be your enemy –company spy on you –decide to charge whatever?

Have your say: FCC –Don’t complain? Don’t complain. …daVine


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