Jay Leno: Pimp?

Parent corporation, NBC, “Tonight Show” –Do they want business –deals –money from The Molester in Sacramento, California? –Jay Leno: –pimp for these people?

Jay Leno:  booked sexual predator –molester of women, family ties to nazi party on the biased un-funny “Tonight Show” –not once but TWICE, but can’t be bothered with things like doing the right thing –decency –law –or equal time to Democratic candidate for governor, Phil Angelides. Leno, weenie: Why is that?

–The Molester needs help?  Well, yup he does:  he knows he’s going to get his butt handed to him –in three weeks –by Californians he ripped off for $70 million bucks.

The Molester: a real piece of work. Bully-boy tried to shove his ego onto ballot, after he pushed nurses, firefighters, paramedics around; went back on his word with teachers. The Molester hopes: Californians won’t remember any of it. –or: that he is in same Party as Oval Office occupant, war-lover. He used his pal to get free campaign time. Leno –pimp?

Double Standard?
Speaker of House of Representatives, Dennis Hastert, about to loose his job –arrested –voted out of office: he failed to protect pages, minors, when he learned a member of the House was pestering them.

The Molester in Sacramento:  no, I’m not talking about the rumors–about the sex tapes he supposedly made with boys before he met his wife. He apologized publicly for acts against six –nine? women (tracked down by LA TIMES) –who each had been molested, gropped, harassed, abused or threatened with job loss –when they worked with The Molester. He /his lawyers paid them –for silence?  He is Admitted Molester. Why doesn’t NBC –Leno care about that?

Californians protested outside stupid studio of NBC –they refuse to give equal time to opposition candidate the rest of California wants for governor. Also ignored protestors.

–You know the “Please, Oh Please Watch” show NBC weenies –brilliant little wusses who booted Truly Funny David Letterman –then kept all of his tapes. Refused even to allow him access to his own material, even thirteen years after Letterman PROVED which one is funny. What ARE they afraid of?

–They and bore Leno:  the ones Johnny Carson would NOT speak to —never accepted ANY of Leno’s phone calls, but sent jokes he wrote —to David Letterman.

Limpo: late one night several months ago, I landed on a re-run during commercial ran on show I was watching: he was blathering on about –can you believe it, President Clinton, only six years later, that’s the best he could do. So stale –HE owes money –to anyone dumb enough to watch him. Limpo: resorts to ridiculing how people look –to substitute for jokes. What a bore.

NBC: owned by corporation –the people that make light bulbs –and bombs…wants to do business –with right-winger Oval Office Occupant –you know, the one who believes war is so good for you, he tells you lies to get the country into one.

Hmmm…right-wing Republican wants war –wants to keep war going–Clue-less HOW to get out–corporation that owns NBCrap wants war contracts, right-wing sexual predator Republican wants another bite at the California governor’s office –TaDa: Jay Limpo wants to “help” –the Republicans….

WHY isn’t opposition candidate Angelides getting Equal Time?

Leno, NBC and their owners claim: Pimp Show is–get ready–a “news show” –LOL, did you know that? –Are YOU avoiding BBC, NY TIMES, PBS, ABCNews, CBS –to find out what’s going on in the world from Leno news??? Oh please: do post comment and tell us How That’s working out.

Fact: Leno’s waste of an hour is run out of, lol, “entertainment” division, NOT News division. –Though both done so poorly, how can they tell which is which –without large signs on the doors.

Or: you could drop FCC a comment –tell them you checked, you’re STILL in the US –where

    EQUAL TIME doctrine

Applies. –you want Democrat Phil Angelides to get Time on “Tonight Show” FCC Complaint

NBC: the weenies who told Aaron Sorkin “write faster” –then fired the genius who created “West Wing” –then they canceled the show –to put more money in the corporation? –These people so weenie so frightened they signed even bigger non-funny Bore: neurotic hair-obsessed Conan O’ Bleechk-makes-everyone-gag –to a contract IN five years, after they boot bore Limpo.

OK with you –if OUR airwaves used to help one candidate –over another? How about if YOU were the candidate who couldn’t get equal time?

If: you watch Leno mess –at least take down names of advertisers –write, tell them: –you WON’T buy their products because NBC FAILED to provide Equal time –during an pre-election –they helped; you don’t want democracy perverted. They can’t do anything about perverted candidate –that’s up to You.

Hmmm…wonder what pimps will do, after right-wingers get booted out of Congress…. Do you suppose: Fairness, Equal Time will magically re-appear on NBC?

Jay–I like saying racist jokes-demanding-my-black-band-leader-laugh–Limpo: so stale, such a bore –he thinks bathrooms and his penis are amusing.  Well, he got one out of two…he isn’t real a man –ball-less pimp?  Johnny Carson was right: easy to see why he shunned Limp Pimp. “Old Show” –corporate owner,
NBC, Leno dead bug way NOT daVine

[UpDate] David Letterman had Jon Stewart on, so funny, so good.
Stewart: “You know he (Oval Office occupant) talks like an 8-year old, who hasn’t read the book.”

Stewart: “No matter what the question, he keeps on reciting facts about the subject –till he’s done, without ever answering. Next question.”

Stewart: “People think he (Occupant) is stupid, he’s not stupid, he explains things as though he is talking to stupid people. That would be uh, us the stupid people….” Letterman, Jon Stewart… beautiful daVine

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