“Is God Green?”

Moyers is back! If you have been too busy to notice: Bill Moyers is back on PBS. Tonight, October 11, 2006:

“…looks at the significant implications of a debate among politically powerful conservative evangelical Christians over the handling of the environment. “Is God Green?” premieres Wednesday, October 11 at 9PM on PBS (check local listings).”

Last week Bill Moyers detailed: precisely what ex cockroach hunter Republican Tom Delay did with his pal Jack Abramoff, when Delay was majority Whip in House of Represenatives. Before his Party forced him to resign on his indictment and arrest, the pair ripped off four Indian tribes for $66 million, then they shoved the cash into phony religious-sounding charities –that benefited Delay, his wife, his kid. They lived the high life –on corporate jets, on distant golf courses, on luxury beds in penthouse hotel suites.

–But Moyers laid out the over-view and the details, facts, on-camera interviews so: it was easy to follow, understand all the deceit, lies, greed, theft. –Understand exactly why/how Delay lied when he grinned into cameras and claimed: his arrest was “just partisan politics.” Uh Nope. Texas doesn’t have stupid prosecutors. If you read the newspaper accounts, as story unfolded, it was easy to watch Abramoff testify before committees, plead guilty and Delay’s dancing, but not so easy to put all together. Moyers did it.

Moyers is at the top of his skills in this program, with enough time, resources to examine complex issues –to make them accessable. Tonight he lays out an important topic: OK with you if Oval Office occupant’s pals blow off tops of mountains in Virginia? They want money –what do you want?

“A new holy war is growing within the evangelical community, with stakes for the earth and American politics. For over a decade liberal Christians have made the environment a moral commitment. Now some conservative evangelicals as well are standing up for the earth as a Biblical imperative of stewardship.”

If you are too swamped or tired to watch it tonight: it will be shown again on Sunday. You can also look it up on PBS website or click: (check local listings).

If you care –that polar bears are drowning because they can’t swim far enough to find a still-frozen ice floe –last two national elections were stolen –there is no business to do on a fried planet, then watch Moyers examine what religious right-wingers are doing. –Get informed. …daVine

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