Stupid Capital of the World? Santa Monica

The desperate are in charge in Santa Monica.

Weenies who wanted to get their ego stroked got themselves on Santa Monica City Council. What are they doing with their power? What is their version of government? Control of personal behavior.

Santa Moncia “council” members: are going to vote Tonight –to fix, their personal problems, by telling people where they can use tobacco. Will that stop air pollution –reduce particulate emissions? –STOP Pollution in Santa Monica from cars –SUVs –trucks –their own city buses? Uh, Nope, But heck, they don’t have the authority.

Will telling a few people what they can and cannot do: stop asthma in children?

–Stop threat of death by nuclear power plant –nuclear bomb –US from producing even more than the 10,000 nuclear bombs the Pentagoons want to make?

Oh oops they have NO CONTROL over ANY of those things –which effect EVERYONE. But these people are Desperate, so they want to use local government –not for the greater good, but to LOOK Good, somehow, to others. So: they have Decided they control the air –in various places they think they can get away with it.

DO tell us, Santa Monica Weenies: Just Exactly how far does your control go? Will you be outlawing: jet planes? They spew more toxins on greater area than tobacco, so How High UP does your “authority” go?

Will you be banning airspace of: helicopters? How about: airplanes that fight fires? Just exactly how much oxygen/air space do Imagine is under your control?

The manical who want to control tobacco use: IF YOU agree with them –You want Mommy/Daddy government –you think purpose of local government is to go after one segment –Whom do you imagine will help when they go after YOU? –Oh, you Think they will stop at Your front door –NOT start telling YOU what you can, cannot do in your home? Dream on –power-crazed people Don’t Know limits.

You think tobacco use should be “regulated”? WHERE is the Death Certificate
that says: “CAUSE OF DEATH – 2nd-hand smoke”? Wake up: American Medical Association, AMA, took Millions from tobacco industry –for decades. Think they give a damn? Now: they get their money from toxin-makers –who shove drugs –THAT’S Okay???

You KNOW of an incident where someone used tobacco that caused them to beat up a woman –hit & run children going to school –got into a car and smashed into a house?

Hmmm…recreational drugs bad, lethal toxins –by prescription, good….

There is Money to be made out of strong-arm tactics like this. Attorneys-General of several states: sued tobacco makers and won millions. What did they do with the money? Built golf courses, private houses, built all kinds of goodies –and: they paid off debt. Improved health? Naw, they spent the money in ways that did SQUAT for the un-insured. –Say, do YOU have medical insurance?

Hmmm, maybe Santa Monica City Weenies could have done that : voted on medical insurance –for all residents of Santa Monica –instead of proving they know nothing about how to govern? Resident of Santa Monica: universal medical insurance…hmmm.

Well, maybe they actually don’t give a damn, about your health? They want to show they “have power”? They already claim power: “…prohibit smoking in public parks, beaches, public waiting areas and the Pier.” Maybe: this is about Money: use tobacco = get a ticket = Weenies get money….
Meeting tonight

People’s Republic of Weenieness: wants to ban tobacco use outside of federal buildings –LOL, they “control” federal buildings???

If they pass this mess: STAY OUT OF SANTA MONICA. You might walk on the sidewalk wrong and they won’t like that either. –And when you get back to your car: You WILL have a parking ticket –Believe it. –How else are they going to get your money. –Oh you still had time on the meter? They Like ripping off visitors. Ergo: DON’T VISIT Santa Menace.

Don’t spend Any money in Santa Monica –Not even in their weekly street Farmer’s Market. –When an old driver mowed down over 60 people, killed ten with his car: Santa Monica Weenies weaseled out of responsibility –for failing to protect shoppers, in the street. No police –no barriers? Too damn bad. The injured, families of the dead: got Squat from City Council Weenies. They Did get opportunity: to see inside a courtroom, on their own dime. Let’s see…sixty people injured…ten people struck dead –they failed to protect –and it didn’t cost them a cent! Nice going. Wanna shop –in Santa Menace?

If you use tobacco: and smoke difts into “unapproved air-space” Weenies claim to control –will police come and get you??? How will police determine direction, source of smoke? So –no homeless hanging around –no rape, no gangs, no burglary, no car-crashes, no theft committed in People’s Republic of Santa Menace, so police have plenty of time to chase tobacco users…???

Shop, dine, play Anywhere else, but stay OUT of Santa Monica .

ACLU: Where are you? WHEN do you file suit against these morons?

If Santa Monica City Council bans tobacco use: this blog, from now on, will warn international and American visitors –about Santa Monica aggression –parking tickets and tobacco use –to stay out of Santa Monica. Way not daVine

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