Julia Child’s Biographer, Saturday Today 10 am

Alex Prud’homme wrote Julia Child’s biography with her, he was her late husband’s nephew, among many other things. You can hear him talk when Culinary Historians hosts him at the downtown Los Angeles library, Saturday, October 14, 2006:

Alex Prud’homme was born and raised in New York City. In 1985, he embarked on a three month trip to Asia that turned into a two year adventure around the world. Working as a fisherman in Australia, an English teacher in Japan and janitor in Paris. Prud’homme filled 13 journals with observations. It was this daily recording of experience that led him to a career in writing.

In 1988, he began his writing career at New York magazine, where he wrote many short articles; he also wrote freelance, producing stories like “Slave,” a New Yorker piece about an irascible soup maven (later made famous by Seinfeld’s “Soup Nazi”). He has written for many publications, including BusinessMonth, Time, The New York Times.

In 2003, Prud’homme and Michael Cherkasky (now CEO of Marsh & McLennan) wrote Forewarned, about terrorism and security. In 2004, Prud’homme wrote The Cell Game, an investigative report on the ImClone biotech scandal. This book has been optioned for a movie.

In April 2006, Knopf published My Life in France, which Prud’homme wrote with Julia Child. It is Julia’s memoir of the years she and her husband Paul Child (Prud’homme’s great uncle) lived in Paris , Marseille and Provence . The book has been a New York Times best seller and has been optioned for a movie; the paperback will be published in the fall of 2007 by Anchor/Vintage.

There is no charge for this event, and it is open to all who are interested. The program will be followed by coffee and book signing. Parking is available for $1.00, garage parking lot under the Library, get the ticket stamped at the desk. … daVine

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