Your Food Story: Could = :15 of Fame

Do you have a story about food –that changed your life? Prepared, helped, ate –something special about the experience? The Food Network wants to know, for a documentary.

Put it in an e-mail, quickly, and if they like it: they will be filming in Los Angeles –later this month. Details I received:

“THE POWER OF FOOD – The Food Network wants to know your story!
We are producing a series of vignettes for the Food Network called The Power of Food and are currently seeking personal stories about how food has played a role in changing your life. Whether you prepared or ate an extra-special meal or participated in an important food-based project, we want to hear about it. We will be filming these documentary style pieces in the LA Area later this month. Please email your stories to
as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest and participation.”

While at my best friend’s house one afternoon, when we were in high school, her mother asked me to get the door; casually, absent-mindedly I opened heavy front door –my jaw dropped, to see tall elegant beautifully-dressed black man. I spent my childhood in San Francisco, but this was Very White neighborhood. He grinned, showing the Most beautiful teeth I’d ever seen. He turned out to be a prince, from Africa. –Who knew Lady P even knew such a person –or how. Couldn’t say what we had for dinner, too busy studying him, his elegant British table manners. But dessert was almost as riveting: her father had made Hard Sauce, for the mince-meat pie, and showed me how to make it. I think of him, and the prince, every time I make it.

After completing the most difficult design assignment I got in art school: changed the way I look at food. I made a kind of checkerboard, out of cake.

How about you? Did you make a meal that ended a feud…a funny meal… were you part of the group that sent foldable cooking stoves to women in Darfur…a wedding cake…Meals on Wheels…cooking for stars…cooking disaster that changed something?

Bookmark this blog daVineRemedy and if your story is chosen: come back and let me know. Now: think of all the planning, prepping, sharing, eating you’ve done and come up with a good story! …daVine

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