California Governor: the Democrat or the Molester? –Who is capable of putting the state on right track –doing the right things –best to represent you to the world in California’s race for governor’s office?

Choice: a person who molested women, women without power –dependent for a job, a career, reputation to continue earning a living. He–or his lawyers–settled suits –out of court –filed by women who worked near him. He still talks about women, behind closed doors. Plus: family ties to nazi party; spent $70 million of our money to shove his ego on Californians –after bully-boy failed to shove it through legislature, to strong-arm them to get his way; went back on his word for education.

He didn’t see a ‘problem’ with taking money to endorse a product -help a magazine, while he was in office –until Californians demanded he do the right thing. He doesn’t Know what the right thing is by himself. –That’s why you have rights, freedom, tax breaks to legally bind yourself to another –but homosexuals don’t, they don’t count with him –or his check-writing right-winger pals.

So Now, after Californians voted ‘nope’ he’s: ‘learned his lesson’ –so he pretends he is a Democrat, with Democratic values –while collecting gobs of dough from giant corporations and people who want things…what happened to “I don’t need anybody’s money”? Well, his pal Ken Lay isn’t writing any more checks…. He does have one skill going for him: ability to use both sides of his large mouth –when he talks about Latino immigrants –to right-wing Republicans –but says the same things to Independents, moderates, Democrats?

As he runs around the state grining for cameras, he hides from all public photo ops with current Oval Office occupant, hoping to cover up what he actually is: ego-driven power-hungry ignorant inexperienced right-wing Republican, who doesn’t know how to compromise, govern or even keep his word. What a real man is?

If he wasted our money, didn’t keep his word –improve any thing the first term: what will he do if he is un-touchable in a second term? How much do you know?

Woodpeckers don’t get headaches –are you one of this guy’s ‘trees’?

Choice: experienced knowledgable actual Democrat Phil Angelides –who knows how to work on bills, negotiate, resolve, govern. Know more.

Pollution –tuition –low salary, high rent –home ownership vs government –health insurance vs health –government is not a spectator sport. You decide: Watch them debate6 pm Saturday October 7, 2006 on TV –on one of the two stations that gives a damn: PBS or KNBC

–If you can’t be bothered to get informed —vote: I like it when stupid stay home –my vote will matter more —I’ll decide for you.

People with money and special interests: don’t give a damn what you want or don’t. –They will get whatever they want, if you don’t vote. Then: Do not whine when no hospital will take you, your family; only millionaire’s kids can go to college; middle class, poor kids get shipped to war; developers seize your house, charge to use streets, roads, beach, parks. Your choice. daVine.


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