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If food –history of food, eating in Los Angeles –good –old –ancient –odd –heavenly, strange, obscure, secret recipes –methods –ingredients –famous, anonymous chefs your thing? Here’s a group waiting for you: Culinary Historians of Los Angeles.

They somehow snag the authors, writers, lecturers of the most unusual subjects related to Los Angeles food, cooking, eating to speak once a month, Saturdays, at the main library downtown.

Each January they begin year with: Charles Perry, of LOS ANGELES TIMES and member, who is translating an ancient Persian cookbook. He reads his recently translated pages with illustrations. Each summer and December they have a special event for members. One year: everyone was invited to create a unique pate, which was judged by well-known area chefs and winners won tasty prizes; then we picnicked –in Barbra Streisand’s garden, elegant grounds with old-growth trees then-about to be given to City of Los Angeles.

Once I looked up the subject for the next Saturday and saw: “Tuna”
Now I used to eat tuna, lots, liked it –not a bad thing, but gee, it sounded BOR-ing. I dragged meself anyway. Yikes, on stage: a former owner of a San Pedro cannery, a former captain fleet of tuna boats, an ex sailor. All those plus The coup: a person you couldn’t even hope to meet, a scientist who lives on the ocean –travels with his team to monitor what each country takes from the sea, how much, when, who. –He is the one who reports to the world when a country violates international treaties, takes endangered fish, exceeds quotas. Each told their viewpoint of tuna. You had to be there to get it: it was fascinating, thrilling; a life of times only recently past.

Owners of Lawry’s, See’s, nightclubs that aren’t here anymore…telling stories, secrets, hidden recipes…origin of dishes and ingredients brought by all the people who poured into Los Angeles from every part of the world.

Last month: Lynn Neuberg on “Edible Gold and Silver Through the Ages”
–edible precious metals for exec chefs.

October 14: Alex Prud’homme,
Julia Child’s biographer and author of the best selling book,
“My Life in France”

If this interests you: be at the Mark Taper auditorium at 10:30 am
Library: at 5th and Flower, Los Angeles, CA
Garage: entrance east side of the street, south of the corner, week-ends parking is $1. –don’t forget to get your ticket stamped at the desk (or else: hourly charge)
Coffee served in the courtyard afterwards, usually, where you can meet the speaker, ends around noon. Oh, and: it’s free! daVine…

Note: Culinary Historians meet at the library because paid events and membership supports the library, such as annual cookbook sale, every August. Save cookbooks for next year!

Note: Not in Los Angeles? Culinary Historians exist in other cities; some participate in annual conference on food in England.

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