Live in Silver Lake? Heads Up for Saturday–

Resident –business owner in Silver Lake part of Los Angeles? Have your say: election day –tomorrow Saturday September 30, 2006. Vote for candidate to represent you on Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Board, any time 9 am to 4:30 pm.

You can also choose three people who will be “At Large” candidates, not tied to a neighborhood region. Some candidates have already served on the Board.

All the candidates are passionate, care about Silver Lake, bring skills from their work life; some have unique skills, connections to government, know how to get things done; some don’t.

You get to choose —if you show up.

Pull into school’s parking lot, just north of Sunset at Micheltorena, register on the spot, show connection to Silver Lake, mark a ballot –have your say.

Don’t show up: don’t complain –when parking meters spring like weeds –developers move in, rip down buildings you care about; rent raised. People on the Board represent you, your views –if you choose the right ones. Don’t choose any: you’ll get ones who may not do what you think is right for the neighborhood.

Election held: Micheltorena School, 1511 Micheltorena Street.

Silver Lake click “Election”

Live –work in another part of Los Angeles? Send me link to your Neighborhood Council Home Page in “Comment” below or click on link and send, I will include in my links: Contact

Don’t care what happens in your neighborhood? Why are you reading this? Please: move to another state –we have enough problems without having indifferent residents.


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