Disney/ABC Drama Queens: Why Bother?

CEO of Disney and his hitmen, uh, "writers" staff: cobbled some kind of stew to "represent" history --President Clinton, administration -- portraying/betraying made-up version --instead of facts, about September 11, 2001 attack.

Disney CEO, his staff ABC TV: hot on proving they are heavily into fantasy --and that they are weenies.

They want you to watch the goop they concocted, claiming it is
"drama" not "documentary." Say --if you change the name of "garbage" --does it stop stinking? Oh.

They strung their version of facts --then showed it off --to members of Republican Party --to right-wingers --to right-wing bloggers. Somehow: there was "not" enough time: show to members of Democratic Party, centrists, moderates --any former person of the administration who Could have told them the errors. Oh gosh, such a shame not enough time.... What is their: hidden agenda? --Some government contract coming up --favor they want from Oval Office occupant, IRS, FCC --'solution' for a problem?

Don't bother with doc --drama --ABC/Disney stink: turn on CBS. They ARE showing the facts; actual film, how it was on September 11 --without made-up facts --or interpretation. It is superb. CBS showing without commercials.

Later: I will take names --of those who advertise on ABC TV --which corporations, drug-pushers, crap car-makers give money to ABC --to fling trash as us. --Yup, taking names, you can help kick bottoms --by writing --by boycotting --later --like winter, spring vacation....

--Skip Disney/ABC stinking drama queens. Shame on them. For now: watch CBS.

tag: Disney docu-lies, boycott Disney, no vacation Disney, Disney/ABC history re-write 9-11, Disney/ABC influence peddling


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2 responses to “Disney/ABC Drama Queens: Why Bother?

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  2. poppy8sd

    Somehow: I don’t believe you…maybe it’s your name… from China, are ya, or just a homegrown spammer?

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