Proof Republicans Are Control Freaks: Mayor Bloomberg

Republicans –they just luv to claim they are the Party for less government, believe in self-reliance –mind-your-own-business politics. Reality? What slides out of the corners of their mouths: doesn’t match their actions.

Consider the demi-god Mayor Bloomberg, ruler of all he surveys. He just plunked down a chunk –to try and control personal behavior. He wrote a check for $125 MILLION to distribute to all kinds who will “work” at getting their nose stuck deep inside other people’s business: to stop the use of tobacco. The Goodly little mayor does not like tobacco.

What we have here: failure to understand purpose of government –and politics of money, arrogance. AKA: throwing one’s weight around.

Apparently: Lord of New Yorkdom doesn’t have Clue ONE how neurotic, how arrogant –How Dizgustingly pathetic such action. Don’t agree? Please: forward —Immediately, record of where, when, who, how details –person who lit up tobacco and caused car crash –stabbing –latest incident tobacco caused beating a woman –a child to death. I’ll wait right here for it.

How far does he think his realm extends? Where are the New York cabs –that DON’T cause pollution cuz they run on electricity –water??? All the jet planes have been stopped on his royalness’s orders from flying any where near New York, so there’s no more jet particulates spewing tons? Of course, long ago he caused all trucks to be shoved off thoroughfares, bridges, streets of New York??? ALL pollution: Ordered to ‘Cease’ over his kingdom? Kewl.

Gosh, sure is lucky there isn’t a rundown school in ALL of New York –anywhere in the country, and certainly all spiffy in all rural areas. Whew –he won’t have to waste any money on people too short to vote.

Course, THOUSANDS of women are walking around with their dead baby, because they don’t know where to put them down –in Darfur. They carry the dead with them –when they get raped, when they go out searching for kindling. But Mayor Bizzybody: could not think –to use the money he made off you –to do A Single Thing about starving mothers, dead babies –or even lack of food or kindling??? Oh well, too bad nobody chatted him up on those topics. –Or maybe he does know, but figures between the dead babies, rapes, starvation: there won’t be any people left to help in Darfor so why bother?

He Might have heard –a speech –a conversation, a comment something in the papers –about some people leaving their children orphans –cuz they’re dying of AIDS??? The 40 MILLION around the planet –disease that threatens to consume All of humanity –didn’t show up on Hiz Whackness’s radar??? No dough for medicine? Shucks, too bad nobody mentioned it to him….
Or maybe his fellow whackjobs, working “prevention” got to him and told him ‘don’t bother’ –cuz they are handing out “Just Say No to Sex” brochures –and condums, to thousands of orphans…. Shoot, and a former President of the United States, working on AIDS, offices right in his town. Oh well.

How arrogant –How sick –vast wealth used to control others, because YOU don’t like their behavior. I think I just decided: to make a little control in his life –oh-so-much-more pleasant: Family Reunion planned for New York CANCELED.

When New Yorkers get rid of the little Napolian Whack-job: the rest of the country can put New York back on the itinerary. Till then: So Long, you neurotic embarrassing little Bore.

I wonder: if another wealthy person, say a woman, doesn’t like tiny men, could she ‘invest’ it in, say charities: keeping short males from appearing in public?

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3 responses to “Proof Republicans Are Control Freaks: Mayor Bloomberg

  1. Really nice site you have here. I’ve been reading for a while but this post made me want to say 2 thumbs up. Keep up the great work

  2. Poppy

    Thank You –very much. I am incensed at people who beg to be the representative, then utterly forget: they aren’t there to go into ‘business’ for themselves. GOVERNMENT –way Not about controlling Anybody’s personal life. It exists to Do that which we cannot do for ourselves, individually –for Everyone’s benefit.

    Yet Republi-cants whine & violate Their Own tenets and principles –to regulate Other people. They have no Right: to even try to control human body of fifty per cent of the population.

    Yet They scream, just like Ronnie-babe, “Govt IS the problem” –Really? Well then I would Much enjoy watching them: get into an air-traffic control tower, clear plane for take-off, run downstairs, get into cockpit and fly away. Oops, how would they get into control tower –before their plane lands? Oh well.

    Maybe we could instead watch them: pave highways –get lobbed over to Afghanistan –monitor all harbors, ports –do ALL the arresting of criminals? Of course if your house –or theirs, catches fire: I wanna watch, while they drive the fire engines, hold the hoses. If a single parent has a child with a broken arm/spiked fever: they can drop off at nearest Republi-cant’s house, right?

    Yet: they Continue to search –for Another Ronnie-babe. They be: slooow learners, those extreme right-wing nut jobs. Even the moderate members of the Party: ashamed of them. –Humans floated in New Orleans sewage –until staff made a CD –to show Oval Office Occupant the situation. “If they are stranded, thirsty, don’t have water –is that my problem” he said.

    Without Comments: I don’t know if I am only talking to Myself! So I appreciate you reading, posting. What part of the world are you in? How did you find this blog?

    I have many posts to put up, but am having serious problems publishing, don’t know what to do about it. Staff can’t fix the probs…so I am behind. Will post as soon as I can. You are welcome here. Feel free to Comment.


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