Summer + Los Angeles + Italy = Movies Outdoors…

Oh summer in Los Angeles…now that the hideous heat has moved on, temporarily at least, good things are possible…like Fridays in August: you can take dinner in a basket and eat outdoors at sunset then watch a movie at La Brea Tar Pits…at Wilshire near Fairfax. Cost? Oh heavenly price of: What You can afford!

You and your whole family can enjoy four Fridays at the movies for price of what you can donate, thanks to: The San Gennaro Foundation. How lucky are we?

The classic films chosen are part of the Foundation’s passion for sharing Italian culture, philosophy and fun. What a treat. Don’t spoil it for others by taking a baby –that will cry, or children who don’t have any manners. With consideration for others, we can all enjoy this evening under the stars. No time to assemble picnic dinner? Allow time to pick up everything at your favorite deli or call ahead and just bring a basket. It is a mystery of the universe: food tastes better outside, who knows why, but choose light foods, vegetables and summer fruit for dessert.

Tonight: “Cinema Paradiso”


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