KABC TV Channel 7: A Good Giggle?

Turn on ABC Channel 7 –Sunday morning, any part –Watch’m Go: war events –national news –local events –crisis? Hell no.

–Maybe most savvy sophisticated market in the country –diversity of world class universities, people from every continent, country; opinion makers, politicos, bureaucrats, smart new mayor, City Counsel crammed full of self-serving lazy members; gangs, artists, designers, writers, movie makers; first class restaurateurs with famous chefs; hard-working stressed families, lively entrepreneurs and singles –what do the brains behind local ABC news focus on? Aw come on –you know, The Most Important subject of your –everyone’s life. They are Obsessed –Hysterically funny: “Weather.” –No, not just when it’s hot –flooding –unique –but All Weather, Any Weather, All the time, Anywhere. Possessed: “Weather News.”

Geniuses running the station, in owner Disney’s own market, Clearly have done deep investigative –polling??? –finger in the wind??? and determined: You are too stupid to open the door to find out the weather. On a second front: you are equally too stupid to look out the window. –Oh, you want to know the weather 20 miles away? –No prob: wait a sec, they’ll give you news flash from oh-so-dopey Doppler –repeated over, over and some more again, cuz, apparently, they decided, you are also too stupid to remember weather they said ten –five minutes earlier –so, oh look, it’s time for another Duh Weather Reportage.

ABC Channel 7 –Watch’m Go— ‘breathy’ with excitement: Sky is Falling –or about to, always.

They use OUR airwaves for free advertising from whichever doctor with the bucks to hire a PR agency to produce advertising –for hype –product, tool, surgery, drugs to get more people through their door/increase their income. Yup, ABC nailed for it –failing to label/identify PR pieces they take in, pass off as their own –on “Now” on PBS.

Then they plug in food crap: using what has to be The worst cook in the US. –If there is a way to combine disparate packaged goods –devoid of nutrients, vitamins, fiber –any reason to eat any of it, he’s all over it; so disgusting, painful just to watch him throw it together. –Don’t unless you want to loose weight or go off food –till the pictures leave your head. Other times they revert to a food “coach.” Food needs coaching? It does at Crap Channel 7: she pulls products—that paid for exposure?—to ‘explain’ them, cuz you know: you are too stupid to read labels –by yourself.

Other Important reason for them to have free use of our airwaves: they turn on link to the city’s cameras pointed at freeways. Oh, yup, major important news, Sunday morning –‘peak’ freeway time.

During the week they throw up stories you ‘can’t’ be well-informed without: celebrity gossip –cloaked as ‘celebrity news’ by oh-so-important “entertainment” “reporter.” –Cuz, gosh how could you function without knowing what the vastly over-paid under-worked yahoos are doing with their money and their time? –Makes a difference to your life?

“Consumer report” news reader? He got that title after booted from Sunday morning, when he made so many mistakes it was a hoot to see if he was also going to fall off his stool. –So dumb, it’s amazing the man has Any job anywhere. He’s married to another copy reader labeled “health reporter” who also used to do Sunday morning with him. The pair of them at the level of: how the hell did they get through college? If the mentally challenged have a right to be on the air: why don’t experienced knowledgeable mature reporters have the right to work? Why aren’t we getting the best? Half-assed would be improvement over Channel 7’s current line-up of drip pans….

After some serious effort, I got the news director on the phone, about two years ago, to ask her what she was doing, where were the stories that matter. Her reply? She said she was “very proud of what we’re doing.” This from ‘news director’ who employs a copy reader who actually said: “breeded” –as she ‘winged’ it one day in January, doing usual emotional drip all over some piece of drivel. I’m not kidding.

Channel 7’s dog-pony show: they will tell you minute details –of how sky is falling; lathered up over the shark bite, the car through the front door, the tree in the street. Think about it: who got shot, what burned down, what crashed –hundreds –thousands? “reported” –last year. Are you better off –this year? Better informed?

How your City Council member spent your money –Bored members using your money/massive debt to seize residences while drop out rate has soared to 50%, but not educating children –bloated, expensive ineffective city agencies? Not on their Stories that Matter List –local government –politics –fraud, waste, abuse –how City Hall is doing? Not on their aluminum foil hat radar.

But: they do somehow have loads of the time necessary to sell stuff to you –polluting cars, toxic drugs, crap pizza –invention companies –that take your money and don’t deliver. –Not their job to investigate advertisers, even if a con is going on and they are abetting.

They’ve been doing the same garbage for decades. Only now: we can’t afford journalistically challenged Any More. “Reporting” how somebody F-E-E-L-S about something: NOT, no, Nope, uh-uhm Journalism.

Every week: staff of County Board of Supervisors sends Press Release to “news” director listing topics, issues, votes at the Tuesday meeting. Last time Channel 7 sent a reporter to cover the meeting? Only if naked or dead bodies are on the list, otherwise: Never.

City Counsel members use the cars, gas, drivers, parking places You paid for to go to meetings –three times a week, if they haven’t called a holiday or press conference. Meetings –issues, votes Channel 7 covers? Squat. But then at $149,833. bucks a year your representative to City doesn’t prolly want to spend any of it on make-up for cameras.

Ah, well: if you could use a giggle, want to know how Republican/FCC boys in DC think –of you and your right to be informed, have a gander at one of the worst things in all of Los Angeles: ABC affiliate Channel 7. –But Keep a barf bag handy if you watch.

They are gonna keep on doing that trash –till you have had enough –protest to FCC or to advertisers. How? Network with your neighbors on the block –and next block and the next, or with sports parents or with co-workers; and/or ask PTA board to make petition, formal complaint; gather signatures at grocery store, meetings –until they change their ways –or we change the ownership of the station. Oh look –they’re giggling again –must be time for another reading of weather copy.

-Until then: write to Channel 7 advertisers –tell them you and your neighbors Refuse to buy anything advertised on ABC Channel 7 until/unless they clean up their act; get responsible to privileges they were given for the use of OUR airwaves.

-File complaint with FCC: ABC’s broadcast license is coming up for renewal.
Demand FCC demand they get it in gear, cover local government –fully. Only squeaky wheels get oiled –no complaint, no change.

-If you are smart enough to realize how dangerous it is –the kind of gutter journalism they practice: form a group –make a formal challenge to ABC’s license –take it away from them; run responsible journalism, with decent advertisers.

If none of the above: They will continue to fling garbage at Angeltown residents –ad nausea.

-FCC: Complaint

-FCC: Re-opening change of single owner single market newspaper -tv -radio ownership rules decision of three years ago

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