Gov. Ahnald Vahnts Yews ta Know: He’s Scared –Non-stop

Have you seen the TV ads Ahnald is running –all over California TV stations? He started running them day after his worst nightmare got the Democratic Party nomination to oppose him for governor.

Did you ever Wonder: How Ahnald got into the governor’s office? –No, Really thought about it: if Ahnald vahnted to be da guvernnerer –had Plenty of time –to get into his Party’s Primary election –WHY didn’t he? Maybe: He couldn’t stand the heat –from capable experienced Republicans.  Or: maybe he didn’t even try to stand up to competition, like a man, like anybody else does, for another reason.

–Remember when ex CEO Ken Lay of ex Enron and his thugs shut off our electricity?  Remember recordings –laughing at how they cheated California and utility companies –and individuals and families –who suddenly had to come up with Hundreds, some: thousands, of dollars weekly –to keep electricity –generators, surgery, lights, air conditioners, manufacturing, business going.

When it was over California appealed to the White House, to the federal regulatory agency, to Congress, but got no help.  But Kenny-baby was terrified that Governor Grey Davis would win –get Back the money Enron schemed to cheat out of California, from the suit Governor Davis and the state filed against Enron and First Pal of Oval Office occupant, Kenny-baby.

Oval Office occupant, by numerous stories, got cash and use of Enron’s jet, to jet around the country to pick up more cash and pitch speeches at the gullible, to get into the White House. But he couldn’t return the favors –directly, couldn’t kill the lawsuit, so: they crafted a plan; they cut a deal –with Ahnald.  How’d it work out?

I contacted both California Senators, Ted Koppel, every newsgroup, forum, website, newspaper, TV station I could find: warning what would happen –if Ahnald got in. How’d it work out? Duh.  –After he got into office: “Gov.” Ahnald –stuck it –to the charmed, who thought it would be swell –to sign Petition –to recall governor guilty of no crime –to have a 3rd-rate Actor jump in, long-after his Party’s Primary –and have him play the part of governing. 

After ignorant people helped him slide behind that desk: he did Exactly what I warned he would do.  He “agreed” to accept $.05 for every dollar Ken Lay and Enron stole.  He signed the deal immediately.  Judges don’t, usually, hear cases, Duh, when a sitting “governor” Duh, has accepted a settlement. “compromise” = dead lawsuit.  So did you enjoy it, was it good for you?  Did you get a check in the mail –anyone you know get full utility refund?

Still amused: that a B actor womanizer amateur, with family ties to the nazi party, deepened state’s debt, changed Absolutely nothing, helped cheat us?

Well now he wants another turn –to do it some more?  But the original deal-makers that met at the Peninsula Hotel to plot Ahnald’s takeover of the governor’s office, have changed.  This time: he won’t have convicted criminal Ken Lay around to pick up the tab. Oval Office occupant’s poll numbers have crashed through the floor, so he can’t help him –and Gov. Ahnald is making Sure: flies off whenever worst person that ever happened to the US arrives in California; and like, fer sure man, no photos standing next to him. So of the original group that plotted take-over that, supposedly, only leaves: Mike Milkin –and his money, to abet the intern-in-training.  So what is his record –What’s he done/what’s he gonna do?

Did you get a raise this year?  –Know Any Californian who got 37% bump?  Can you think of any Good reason why a state deep in debt would give any group of employees such a raise? Uh, isn’t That one of the reasons given for recalling Grey Davis?  –Prison Guards, large, vocal union –deserves 37% more pay than Last year –WHY???  So much more deserving than firefighters –nurses –or those other nobodies, teachers???  Think on that, as you eye the dry hills, childrens’ scores go sideways, drop-out rate soars, navigating long commute –hoping you won’t wind up needing an ambulance, cuz NO ER will take you, not enough nurses if they do find an open hospital….

When the “governor” failed to keep his word and didn’t put the $2 Billion he borrowed back into Education budget, Teachers Union went after him –publicly. The union spent over $58 MILLION bucks of teachers’ dues to run TV ads. THEY were Wrong.  He was Wrong.  THIS is NOT the way to govern –or educate children.  Union has NO Business forcing teachers to pay for TV ads. WHERE are the people who are supposed to be representing us?  –Hiding under their desks –running?  –from unions, casino tribal Indian groups, corporations and Vile developers?   ALL of those:  gained too much power, thanks to Term Limits.

Still amused: that a B actor womanizer amateur changed Absolutely nothing –except hair color/cheeks tightened/teeth-whitened, Improved NOTHING, streamlined Nothing, cheated us out of opportunity to recover stolen money?

His improvement of cities –environment –education –transportation? Innovation –ideas –programs for universal low-cost medical insurance –electrified ports?  –Reduction of agencies, commissions, bureaucracy?  Well Prison Guards got theirs, they’re set.  When do you suppose they will announce whom they decided to endorse in the next election? 

When will his good old pal Jay Leno use OUR air waves Again, to help him –but not give equal time –or fairness to Democratic nominee?  Doesn’t matter: smart government is Finally going to go into governor’s office in Sacramento.
Five MONTHS –of ads –proving he’s worried –will Help Ahnald?  ONLY if you have Really short attention span –and forgot:  he Cost us over $70 MILLION bucks trying to shove his ego through ballot box –after he failed to shove it through legislature last year. 

But It’s good, “governor” Arnold is running all those ads. –Every ad now: sucks up money and proves he’s hired a slew of morons to run his campaign, but being a trainee, he doesn’t know any better. 

But here’s one tip:  while those ads ooze all over TVs (–how desperate is a person to say that junk), he can prepare with a new exercise by placing his left hand on left buttock, right hand grasping right buttock –hold on tightly, before it is handed to him by voters, cuz “guvernerer” Ahnald is in for a ‘bumpy’ ride.  Amateur hour in California: Over.  Astalavista, chump.

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