Car-jacking or Inspiration: Which for LA?

When air pollution became critical in California:  We pulled together –forced car-makers, politicians and laws to change.  We have to decide what to do about another critical issue right now: Los Angeles schools. EVERYONE learns to read?

You can be part of the decision –or part of the problem?  Do Some get education, the rest get left behind?

Past 20 years:  LA School Bored has done its bureaucratic rubber-stamp best, turned out mostly inferior ‘work product’ –poorly-educated people.  Yet Even when students quit:  the people –on the board, in the classrooms, in the dozens of cubbyholes in new luxurious marble headquarters:  got paid –NO consequences for lousy performance.  YOU paid them. 

But:  What do you imagine a person Does for a living –when they can not read? 

You sure can Go On enjoying life in Los Angeles, ignore what’s going on –‘over there’ –with Other people’s children –until it comes to your neighbor, your home –until your child gets shot –until someone wants the SUV, the wallet, the jewelry…?  Ignore until you want to hire to help the company –the small business –implement your ideas –start new business? California innovation? Ignore until California slips again, from current Last Place on quality of education:  to compete with the poorest countries, in the race to the bottom.   If next generation isn’t educated well-enough to thrive or even to read –how do they help the generation after them? The future:  those who have it all and those who don’t have enough education to have enough of anything –no more middle?

While the rest of the world races to produce engineers, techs, thinkers, Californians:  stuck with old dead ways.  Originally:  school curriculum was created around permission –of farmers, who wanted their children home early to help with chores; home during summer:  to pick crops.   When school administrators agreed, farmers let their children go to school.  How is THAT relevant today?  Why is Los Angeles grade -middle -high schools conforming to those old rules? Anyone IN LA: milking cows –picking corn -planting crops? Why do we pay people who do not to work three months of the year?

Yet Public schools don’t teach:  how to manage money; how to think; how to get along with others; how to be self-sufficient.  –Science, new fields; cooking, art, music?  Recess, gym, swimming, First Aid, nutrition?   Those who don’t go to college:  where is Vocational training?

WHY is there even ONE who leaves school unable to read? Why are jails FULL of people who can not read? What Does a person do for a living –when they can not read? That is on the Los Angeles School Bored, on “super” Roy –on us. We paid, this is what we got. 

The Mayor of Los Angeles:  tired of the status quo, has mapped out a Plan to fix the sorry mess that is Los Angeles Unified Bored of Education.  The Plan:

  • Mayors, all affected cities:  involved, responsible, accountable
  • Parents:  involvement, responsibility, accountability required
  • Students:  held responsible, accountable; wear uniform
  • Teachers:  required to be responsible, held accountable
  • Classes:  reduced size; longer hours, longer school year   

Perfect?  Nope, we elected a human, like the rest of us; there probably will be mis-steps.  But unlike the rest of us:  he has motivation, energy, passion to offer a new way for schools and to see it through.  Teacher’s union:  don’t want any changes. 

You?  If you’re OK with your money paying for 50% drop out rate, only a fraction educated well enough to go on to college/have career, paying to warehouse the rest in prison and Huge bureaucracy:  then don’t do a thing.  –They and ever-growing problem will come to you, sooner or when you’re too old to defend yourself. 

Still unmoved to get involved?  –You’ve got company:  “super” Roy Romer and Marlene Cantor.  They couldn’t be bothered to do anything to save the historic Ambassador Hotel; for students to learn history up-close and personal, IN the place where Einstein, thousands of the world’s famous and the residents of Los Angeles’ grandparents once dined; the place Robert Kennedy lost his life, in Ambassador Hotel kitchen.  –Multi-use:  apartments, condos and a school?  City Council member Eric GarcettiBernard ParksJanice HahnWeise, et al, couldn’t be bothered and neither could majority Bored of Education members: voted to rip down the Hotel.  “Super” Roy?  Hundreds, representing thousands of Los Angelenos, spoke before the Bored, including this author, LA Conservancy, community leaders and his own friends:  pleaded, begged to save the Hotel.  They voted:  to put up another bland box, wiping out the Hotel and the opportunity.

“Super” Roy and Marlene Cantor did, however, bother to trot up to Sacramento to talk to the people who represent you –to hang on to their power, the status quo, to defeat Mayor Villagraigosa’s School Plan.  THAT they had time to do.

Bored School members intend: to take houses, apartment buildings, small businesses –to put up 160 more schools –when they KNOW enrollment has fallen, will continue to fall, those schools won’t be needed for future enrollment.  But there will be:  even fewer places for adults to live, after they’re done.  Los Angeles Unified Bored of Realtors…. 

They’ve had their turn; they have failed.  How much longer do we let them ruin childrens’ futures, our neighborhoods and go on paying for lousy return?  Aren’t children in Los Angeles owed an education at Least as good as we got?

Not enough?  OK:  picture getting in a car-crash on the way home.  You may be able to get an ambulance to come to you, with your cellphone; then –when people, earning such low income can’t afford medical insurance, jamb ERs for medical care and the ERs close to emergencies –where does ambulance take you?

Already get it –that ill-educated students means no new businesses, innovation, energy, brains?  Then take simple action.  Now.

If you are fed up, don’t want this junk any more:  tell it to those who represent you in Sacramento.  They NEED to hear from You right now.  Only a few e-mails and calls will persuade Sacramento to enact Mayor Villaraigorsa’s Plan for LA Schools.  -Click on the link -Enter your zip code -names of your reps in Sacramento will appear:

Call or e-mail immediately.  Not?  Then the only people your rep will hear from is:  Teacher’s Union.  –They will keep control, keep on failing children, looking for salary increase.  Can You get salary bump –for failing to do your job?   Wanna pay for teachers Not doing their job and to warehouse car-jackers?  “Super” Roy Romer:  refused to listen.  They have our bond money, power and the next generation in their grasp.  They have failed Los Angeles.  The Proof is in the jails; in the hole in the ground that was the Ambassador Hotel; in the thousands who left school, unable to read.  How long do we allow this to go on?

The Mayor:  going to Sacramento, to ask our representatives to support educating the next generation.  You get to decide future of Los Angeles –status quo –or change? 

What kind of future in Los Angeles?  Don’t want to help?  Don’t whine –when you get mugged, car-jacked.

If you’re wondering:  author has no step -foster -or natural children; just thinking about the future…in Los Angeles.  If you are too:  e-mail this to your neighbors, PTA, City Council representative, friends, your mayor, co-workers; post on community bulletin boards on-line.

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