Bernard Parks: Sports Vs Education?

Bernard Parks
when he was Los Angeles Police Chief he gave a speech once in which he said he was ‘disappointed with police officers, some had committed crimes; department needed to be cleaned up.’  Rampart Station corruption had been exposed.  Cops were arrested, convicted.  Supervisors who knew and enabled their crimes:  were not.  Parks also wasn’t charged or arrested. 

Due to bad luck of geography when I called police for an on-going vandalism crime:   it was police out of Rampart station who responded.  The cops and the supervisor who wrote the reports –lied.  The crime went on because they lied.  Nothing was done to stop the crime.  It was so strange:  I carefully learned all it was possible to know about who/what/where/why inside Rampart police station.

After Parks speech:  I wrote him a letter.  I asked him:  did he not find at least some cops worth praise/doing Good job/following the law?  If not:   if he didn’t find any, then why were they working for Los Angeles?  –If he didn’t want them, why would we, the residents? 

I got an answer –two years later.  It said:  he looked into the matter, he believed it was all ‘cleared up.’ 

Chief of Police Parks was fired.  Well done.

Sadly, after he was fired:  some people felt they owed him –loyalty, solidarity, their vote, because of the betrayal of the man who fired him, then newly-elected Mayor James Hahn.  Before election:  Hahn cleverly implied he wouldn’t fire Parks, then promptly did after election.  –After meeting with the Police Union –after getting their endorsement, in closed-door meeting…

So Bernard Parks:  second bite at Public Employees Pension –sitting on City Council, representative of Central Los Angeles district. 

How/what’s he done?

When the Board of Realtors –0ops, LA School Board proposed:  gutting the historic Ambassador Hotel so they could put up a parking lot…and another cheap-box school, I called Parks’ office.  I asked his Chief of Staff to ask Parks to get involved, prevent gutting the last important LA landmark. 

Speak up:  to Preserve the hotel, convert it to a school –and condos for low-income families and teachers –traditional hotel use for out-of-town LAUSD guests; restore the ballroom and  swimming pool, all revenue-producing for LAUSD, and significant learning experience –history in historic place?

Parks Chief of Staff?  His son.   I called again –six times.  So did thousands of Los Angelenos who care about history of the city.

LA Conservancy volunteers walked the neighborhood, went door after door to inform the community, who, when they learned the Whole story:  did not want the hotel destroyed.

No neighborhood parent who was manipulated by MALDEF, LAUSD Superintendent carpetbagger Roy Romer or others was told:  no school would be built in time for any neighborhood child to attend.  Oh well. 

The district’s LA City Council representative?

Bernard Parks?? Calls returned:  0
Effort to save the Ambassador: 0

A school may built on the site where the famous hotel once stood –where heads of countries, ambassadors, presidents and Hollywood stars played, dined and danced for decades:  when/if they can clean up toxic mess construction found, but “extensive” Environmental Impact Report somehow didn’t.  Oh well.   

Indifferent to Ambassador Hotel destruction, what IS Bernard Parks doing?

If you watch School Board/real estate meetings, on KLCS channel #58 (re-runs late Wednesday nights) parents, residents, small-business owners:  Beg Board Lords NOT to put schools on stupid sights -seize their home -business; plead for playgrounds, safe sites and text books. 

Text books??? –Not enough books in low-income neighborhoods??? Bernard Parks?  Missing in Action.

Significant number of high school students: un-able to read.  Of the reportedly 50% dropping out of high school in Los Angeles:  half of them black students.   A person who cannot read, has no education –will be able to support a family –purchase a home –hold a job –earn money how?

Population of prisons:  majority black people. Bernard Parks has what to say about that?   Has done what to change that?

Police reform –preservation –text books –low-income housing –illiteracy –high school drop outs –exploding prison population:   silence. 

What is Bernard Parks doing, Where is he, what is important to him? 

He’s on the road, again, on taxpayers’ dime, again:   working the ropes to get a sports team into LA.  Speaks volumes….  pant, pant We Might get a professional mugging by a billionaire boys club of owners…gosh right here, in Angel-town.  Parks’:  priorities….

How about:  when he’s termed out of City Council, Nobody give him any loyalty –till he shows some to those who gave him his job; to future generations. 

Bernard Parks:   We can’t afford him, Students can’t afford him.  –Deserves to be termed-out/booted, permanetly.  That would be daVine Remedy for Los Angeles.

’08 LA Supervisor: Bernard Parks –Has Done WHAT for You?
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