Rocky for CA Attorney General? LOL

Rocky Delgadillo wants the job of Attorney General of California.  How’s he saying that?  Ads –putting down his opponent, the Mayor of Oakland Jerry Brown, former Governor Brown.  The ads:  hilarious.

  Ads so bad, so dumb/corny they make Rocky look like he thinks this is some long-ago decade.

Rocky has called press conferences to get face time every time he did something.  NOW we know why.  Should we choose an egotistical hotshot newbie over an experienced person who knows how to get things done?  Nope. 

Rocky’s ads are so bad he should be embarrased to run them –which proves his lack of judgement.  Do your job –five, ten years, get some wisdom, then ask us again, when you’ve grown up some.  In the meantime:  find a sophisticated ad agency.  The lousy dated stuff you’re running Proves you’re not up to the job –and that you don’t have respect for voters.


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