CA Treasurer: 1-You’re Stupid, 1-Not Qualified, 1-Good Idea

In case you hadn’t noticed:  Three people are running to be the next treasurer of California.  Sounds like dull stuff –till you know what’s at risk. 

California public employees, firefighters, teachers, etc., have the largest pension fund in the country.  Lots of employees are retiring early at age 55 –at full salary. They all have health insurance, which someone has to purchase. The state has massive debt and some people want to get your vote by offering giant plans to fix the state –with more debt. Treasurer will have to deal with these problems and plenty more. Who is Treasurer matters. Who wants the job?

One: thinks you, Democrats –most Californians are stupid, too dumb to even understand the first paragraph. Doesn’t have a problem with using taxpayer-paid car and gas for personal errands. What company does he keep? One of his three endorsements: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, that guy in the far distant right horizon from conservative Republicans. Background –in law, medicine –insurance –business –retail –unions? NOPE. Doesn’t have experience running anything. –A massive agency dealing with millions, squat knowledge about Sacramento or representatives, zero people skills –and thinks you too stupid to understand “important” things. –Oh, yes, let’s put him in charge of our money –it would be “swell” to have more Republican arrogance and on-the-job-training. I think he is a creep. (–I can express opinion in a blog, right?)

One candidate: knows how Sacramento works and all the parties, not arrogant; loads of name recognition, tons of campaign money, Lots of endorsements and: loads of patronizing blather, Zero experience with pensions, insurance companies; knows what about unions -members and related problems. Few qualifications. Bill Lockyer is running –cuz he’s termed out of his current job? Doesn’t matter, he isn’t the smart choice.

Who should be California’s next Treasurer? Keith Richman. He has been in the state Legislature so he knows all the players; a doctor so he knows insurance companies and their tricks; built a medical corporation worth over $80 million, so he’s used to working large organizations and money and huge groups of people; personable so he can talk with/to people; intelligent, smart but not slick. They don’t let dumb weasels into/out of medical school.

Dr. Richman participated in a multi-part PBS “California Connected” forum few years ago in which participants from every segment, insurers, broke single mothers, doctors, hospital reps, clinic nurses, state elected representatives, etc., examined issues then worked on solutions to slash stupid bureauocracy and wasteful piece-meal programs and rules to get low-cost smart medical insurance for all Californians. I watched him watch the black single mother who laid out her options and reality. He was fully engaged, showed he was listening. His comments were cogent. “CC” did one follow-up I remembered: they followed him, as he came out of legislature session; he said he learned things he did not know in the forum; was going to try to use to make changes. Knowing nothing about him before that program, I was impressed and remembered him. Oh and he is a Republican –this is a case where I like a Republican to be in charge of money –instead of just whining about Democrats
‘wasting money.’

“Governor” Ahnald has been a Total Republican
‘wasting’ mess –costing us over $70 Million –after trying and failing to shove his ego into Sacramento legislature, he shoved it to Californians. We WAY don’t need any more amateurs.

Dr. Keith Richman Very Good choice: would be an outstanding Treasurer.



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