CA Governor: Candidate Westly Big No-No?

So whom to vote for in Primary election for governor?  The choices, Phil Angelides and Steve Westly started out fairly equal –either seemed OK –with the goal to be strong enough to defeat the current occupant in Sacramento. 

His on-the-job training has been a disaster, he cost us over $70 million in an arrogant exercise of his ego, he is the opposite of everything California is known for:  openness, innovation, fairness, hard work.  Don't forget his using national platform, Republican Convention, to slap California legislature with "girlie men" –totally ignoring that EACH person sitting in the Legislature represents a community that ELECTED them.  Plus his family has direct ties with the hideous nazi party, which his father never renounced.

So the goal:  hand the occupant his butt in November.  Best one to do that?  If you have enough money can you buy elected office?  Steve Westly put down over $34 MILLION of  his own money on a campaign for governor, so he must think so.  I don't.  He has run a campaign so dated, ugly, stale, nasty and worthless –if he hadn't used his own money to finance it, maybe contributors could have given him a 'heads up' warning, he could have shown respect for Californians.

Too late.  I wouldn't vote for Westly now if he was the ONLY person running.  His "campaign" –to smear his opponent tells us WHAT about his ability to govern?  –what benefit would he be to the state?  –WHAT can he do for me –business –primary, secondary school mess –traffic –illegal immigrants –over-paid prison guards –foster care?  Environment?

If I bothered to go look up his website he probably  has some of the answers posted, but:  Who cares NOW?  He damaged himself so badly while trying to damage Angelides, I could NOT care any less what Westly has to say –about any topic. 

Leaving off that I despise eBay, that I got ripped off for several hundred dollars by sellers allowed to do several vile tricks by eBay, and that eBay is enabling poachers to sell ivory –thereby trading in endangered species, if I just look at Westly and not that he got his millions from that source:  Westly has tons of money and Zero class. 

You don't run a campaign that puts opponent in potentially harmful position against future opposition.  Westly is a loose canon who can't be trusted. 

Angelides will be a fine governor.  He should have so much support –so many votes Tuesday that governor-in-training will get the message.

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