Mayor of Los Angeles: Using Rich for Sausages?

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Mayor of Los Angeles appeared in TV ads this week in support of a proposition, on next week's ballot, that would force all four-year olds into school, at the expense of one group –all stuffed with bureaucracy and no science. 

It means every four-year old –without a bit of proof that putting them into a classroom all day, a year before regular school, has any benefit. 

It means career teachers, even with twenty years of experience, would have to be stuffed into college to get a degree, quick, or get bounced out of a job.

It means people who earn more than $400,000. will be taxed to pay for the stuffing of everyone's child –middle -working class parents won't be paying, into classrooms.  All of this to be run by a vast bloated bureaucracy --that will help the Teacher's Union?

 Proposition  How did this mess get on the ballot?  One paid-for signature at a time, by paid signature-gatherers, courtesy of  a group headed by Rob Reiner (--used for his name appeal) who recently quit the sponsor amid confusing  messy questions of misspent millions, on alleged violations of TV advertising, among others.  

Who's Children?  Who wants a place to stash children?  Do you suppose those who signed petition to get it on the ballot were wealthy or poor?  Taxing only one group to support a program for all:  not the American way.  Are the children of the wealthy somehow in need of a place to go all day? 

Degree?  If requiring people to get a BA in order to teach is such a great idea, some kind of solution:  why is the illiteracy and drop-out rate of middle, high school students so high --when their teachers all have degrees?  

When asked by a reporter, in response to a voter's e-mail, why the rich should be the ones to pay for a program for the poor: Mayor Villaraigosa went around in circles –until pressed, then said:  "I am a supporter, therefore I support the program."

Should four-year olds be forced into classrooms –because their parents are not supplying care?  Who wants More bureaucratic boondoggles?  How is "government" a better supplier of creativity, imagination than play-dates and play? 

Why is it we aren't getting smart government, for the common good, paid for by all? 

It's not hard to guess middle and working-class parents want someone else to pay to baby-sit their children –that they want this mess; that many are Hispanic.   Mayor Villaraigosa needs to remember:  he is the Mayor of ALL of Los Angeles –not just of Hispanic-speaking or low-income voters.  Creating more red tape is not good for anyone, or their children.  Here's hoping this proposition mess is defeated.


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